Here something about my life ...

After my social pedagogical education in 1979 and studies of painting, I moved to India, where I spent the following years in the environment of my spiritual teacher, intensive meditation and self-search.

Back (1991) I led residential groups and an Art Department for people with disabilities for 7 years dedicating myself to my artistic work at the same time, always accompanied by my daily meditation practice.  I left this work to devote myself to caring for my two old parents and my sick brother, who needed all my attention.

The death of my mother and especially the death of my father two weeks later left me with one of my deepest impressions of life and death.

During the last minutes of my father's life, which I had always asked to spend with him, he taught me to watch my breath.





In silence I noticed how the pauses between inhalation and exhalation became longer and longer, until finally, after a long pause with the last exhalation, no more inhalation followed.

Again I returned to India where I spent the following 5 years in meditation centers in the Himalayas and Madhya Pradesh. The journey inside became deeper than ever, because life through my father had given me the way through which I can accompany people and teach mindfulness.

I became a Vipassana teacher and have been working since my return in 2005 in my own practice in psychological counselling and as a visual artist.

As an certified MBSR Trainer and MSC Self Compassion Trainer, Integrative Relaxation Trainer and Vipassana Teacher I accompany many people on their way to themselves and am active in stress management programs, as well as offering workshops in mindful art.

- Born in 1954                                                  
- Certified coach/consultant for Mindful Stress Management (STB Köln)                                                        
- certified teaching trainer for Integrative Relaxation Methods (Uta Akademie Köln)                                                           
- Certified MBSR Trainer (Institute for Mindfulness and Stress Management, Linda Lehrhaupt, Bedburg)
- MSC Mindful Self Compassion Teacher (i.Tr.) (UCSD - University of San Diego, USA, Dr. Christoph Germer, Dr. Kristin Neff, Christine Brähler)  
- Vipassana Teacher
- Visual Artist (Dipl.)
- Social pedagogy / 40 years of own meditation practice
- Member of the MBSR/MBCT Association