Vipassana day

Sunday 22 April, 2019

9.30 - 18.00 o'clock

UTA Cologne
Venloerstr. 5-7
50672 Cologne, Germany

Costs: 75,-€

                                                            Foto: Hermann Lisken

Give yourself a gift!
On this day there is nothing to do, just be there, breathe, observe yourself, become a good friend to yourself.
Your breath is an anchor for you.

What is Vipassana?

Vipassana is an ancient meditation technique from the Buddhist tradition.

It is said that it is through meditation that Buddha found enlightenment.
In it you practice mindfulness and observe what is happening in the body, in feelings, in the mind and in consciousness, without getting involved, judging it or getting entangled in it.

Your breath is an anchor for you and helps you to come back to the present moment again and again.

What does Vipassana mean?

The meaning of the word Vipassana is "to see things as they really are".
That is why meditation is also called insight meditation.



Foto: Hermann Lisken

What happens when ...

During the day you have the opportunity to communicate and get support if you need it.

How does a Vipassana day go?

A Vipassana day begins with a one-hour meditation, the Satsang, in which silence and music alternate.
Afterwards we tune into the day of silence with a guided breathing meditation.

This is followed by 40 - 45 minute sitting meditations which alternate with 15 minute walking meditations.
During one or more session phases Sangeet will help us with his gentle, meditative music on the Dilruba to dive even deeper into the silence.

The last phase is a guided mountain meditation in which you can anchor yourself in silence and take it with you into your everyday life.

The Vipassana day ends with the Metta Meditation, through which we give love to ourselves and others.

During the Vipassana Day you remain in silence with yourself if you wish.
This is followed by an active meditation, the Kundalini Meditation.
The Vipassana day ends at 18:00.