Neo-Vipassana day retreat

Sunday 08. Dezember 2019
9.30 - 18.00 o'clock

UTA Cologne
Venloerstr. 5-7
50672 Cologne, Germany

Costs: 75,-€

                                                            Foto: Hermann Lisken

Give yourself a gift!
On this day there is nothing to do, just be there, breathe, observe yourself, become a good friend to yourself.
Your breath is an anchor for you.

What is Neo-Vipassana?

Vipassana is one of the oldest and best known forms of meditation.
There are countless mediations, countless techniques in which a space of silence is reached, but the pure essence is Vipassana meditation.
Nothing can be added to or omitted from this pure essence.
Our Neo Vipassana is inspired by Osho, a wisdom teacher of modernity.
In his experience of Western man, the modern man must first through active meditation reach the state in which he can allow silent Vipassana meditation. For this reason, Satsang and Osho Kundalini meditation are part of the Neo Vipassana retreat.

Meditation can only happen in relaxation...

The basic element of our Neo-Vipassana is a loving contact with oneself.
It always means to stay in contact with one's own body and to notice when relaxation becomes tension.

It means accepting what is without judging. It means to provide oneself with all that is needed to stay in a relaxed state, to allow oneself to let go of strictness or strict ideas about meditation.
Just being there ... the way you are and the way you always are, it's okay...

Breath - your companion into the here and now

The breath is something we always have with us, but rarely notice.
In the Neo Vipassana, the breath is your anchor that always brings you back to the present moment. It is helpful to notice your breath in a place on your body, either the draught on your nostrils or the abdominal wall that rises and falls. In Neo Vipassana you let your breath take you by the hand, you accompany it as it is without changing it.
From this relaxed accompaniment you will notice over time how a small pause opens up between inhalation and exhalation - as well as between exhalation and inhalation. You will see this pause increase over time as your breath slows down.

Foto: Hermann Lisken

What happens when ...

During the day you have the opportunity to communicate and get support if you need it.

Foto: Hermann Lisken

Neo Vipassana - discover the Watcher ...

While you anchor yourself with your breath, thoughts, feelings, body sensations, noises will inevitably try with all their might to attract your attention.

In the Neo Vipassana you embark on a journey to discover and strengthen your watcher. Through a constant effort to observe, to notice, to be mindful, not to be carried away, you sink into a space within yourself where the watcher is so strong, so untouched, so joyful, so peaceful that you discover that this space is the space of your being - from which you can live your life in joy, in peace.

How does a Neo-Vipassana Day go?

A Neo Vipassana day begins with a   one-hour meditation, the Satsang, in which silence and music alternate.
Afterwards we prepare ourselves for the day of silence with a guided breathing meditation.

Then there are 40 - 45 minute sitting meditations which alternate with 15 minute walking meditations.

During one or more session phases the musician Sangeet will help us with his gentle, meditative music on the Dilruba to dive even deeper into the silence.

The Vipassana day ends with the Metta Meditation, through which we give love to ourselves and others.
During the Vipassana day you will remain in silence with yourself if you wish.
This is followed by an active meditation, the Osho Kundalini Meditation.

The Vipassana day ends at 18:00.