MSC - mindful self compassion designed by Neff + germer

MSC - Mindful Self Compassion Info Evening (Rösrath)

Wednesday 25. September 2019, 19.00-20.00

Location: Mindfulness Training Tychota, Zum Sandfeld 2 B, 51503 Rösrath-Hoffnungsthal, Germany
admission free

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All dates with reservation of change

MSC - Mindful Self compassion 8-Week Course (rösrath)

30. October - 18. December 2019 - Wednesdays from 18.30 to 21.00

Weekly dates: 30.10. / 06.11./ 13.11. / 20.11. /  27.11. / 04.12. /  11.12. / 18.12. 2019
Compassion Day Retreat: Sunday, 01 December 2019, 10.00 - 16.00 in Rösrath close to Cologne
Location: Mindfulness Training Tychota, Zum Sandfeld 2 B, 51503 Rösrath-Hoffnungsthal
Free info evening: Tuesday, 03 September 2018, 19.00 - 20.00

340 € incl. workbook and several MP3 with guided self-compassion exercises

All dates with reservation of change

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Self Compassion asks: "What do I really need ?"

Achtsames Selbstmitgefühl (MSC)
Foto: Volker Kraus /

When you begin to let your heart touch,
then you begin to discover,
that it has no limits,
that this heart is huge, infinite and boundless.
You are beginning to discover how much warmth and              
Friendliness and how much space there is....


- Pema Chödrön -

What is MSC ?

MSC (Mindful Self-Compassion)

Mindful Self Compassion is an evidence-based 8 week course specifically designed to cultivate the skill of self-compassion.
MSC is based on the groundbreaking research of              Dr. Kristin Neff (University of Texas, Austin, USA) and the clinical expertise of Dr. Christopher Germer (Harvard Medical School, Cambridge, USA).

MSC teaches participants the essential principles and practices to deal with difficult moments in life with kindness, care and understanding.


What does self compassion mean?

Self Compassion (MSC) is a quality that we can't do, but we can make it happen and accompany us in our daily lives.
We learn the ability to be with ourselves and our difficulties in a loving and compassionate way.

Self Compassion is something we have to rediscover.  When we observe small children, we can see that compassion or                     self-compassion is there naturally.
It is a way of getting to cope with life that has been placed in our cradle, so to speak, and which has been obscured again by cultural, educational influences.
We unlearn the natural compassion for ourselves or others and after some time we no longer come in contact with it.

Self Compassion has nothing to do with trying not to face pain or difficult emotions.
Everyone has already experienced having to deal with pain and difficult situations in life.
This is part of life and it is the same for all of us.

Difficult situations are actually a task to learn something about us. Our natural reaction to pain or suffering is to push it away.  This is an impulse that all of us know.
We do not want or cannot bear the pain.

Self Compassion lets us be with the pain by learning ways to turn to ourselves, like a child who is sick.

Self Compassion is a basic attitude that we can learn to deal with ourselves and our environment more authentically and lovingly.


What does self compassion do?

Research shows that self compassion training strengthens emotional well-being, can reduce stress, anxiety and depression and leads to more life satisfaction.
Self compassion does not mean to feel sorry for oneself, but to always be at one's side - and thus to encounter life more calmly and openly.

In the MSC Self Compassion 8-week course we try to uncover compassion for ourselves and fellow human beings again.
We turn to the things that prevent us from being in contact with self-compassion.


Foto: S. Hofschläger /
Foto: S. Hofschläger /

What you can expect

An MSC course includes meditations, short lectures, self-awareness exercises, group exchanges and home exercises that give us a direct experience of self compassion. Part of the course is a workbook and guided self-compassion exercises for download.
MSC consists of 8 course evenings of 2 ½ hours each, which take place weekly, including a Compassion Day Retreat.

We learn:

  •     Applying Self Compassion in Everyday Life
  •     Understand the proven positive effects of self compassion
  •     Motivate yourself with friendliness instead of criticism
  •     Hold stressful feelings with more ease
  •     Transform challenging relationships,
  •     Dealing with fatigue that can arise from caring for others.
  •     Practice the art of enjoyment and self-esteem.

Compassion has a calming and comforting effect, while at the same time it opens us to emotional pain.

Self compassion asks: What do I really need?


the 3 stars of self compassion

Friendliness with ourselves

Kindness towards ourselves opens our hearts to pain so that we can give ourselves what we need.

Humanity opens us to our basic connectedness with all beings, so that we experience that we are not alone.

Mindfulness opens us to the present moment so that we can accept our experience with more ease. Together, these components manifest themselves in a state of warmly connected presence.


Literature references:

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 Christopher Germer, Arbor Publishing House

Please note that my offers do not replace medical treatment, but serve for stress management and health support.