mindfulness days

Towards the end of  the MBSR 8 week course there will be a Mindfulness Day.

This Mindfulness Day takes place in Hoffnungsthal in the Bergisches Land, not far from Cologne.
During the 6 hours we are in silence, practising guided mindfulness exercises and meditations.
We also eat together in silence the dishes which each of us brings to share.
Nature also invites us to enjoy its silence and to relax into ourselves.

Who can participate?


All those who have already taken part in an MBSR 8-week course are also invited to the Mindfulness Days.

How much does a Mindfulness Day cost?


The day of mindfulness is part of the 8 week MBSR course and free of charge for participants during the course.
No registration is necessary.

For previous participants who wish to attend it costs 50 €.
Please register online or by phone: +49 (0)2205-8945412


Achtsamkeitstage Rösrath

Foto: clearence-images / pixelio.de

Next Mindfulness Days:


June 30, 2019
10.00 - 16.00


December 8, 2019
10.00 - 16.00

 All dates subject to change.

our room ....
is located in the middle of the Bergisches Land in Hoffnungsthal, 20 minutes from Cologne.

The number of participants is about 6-8 persons, so that there is enough space during the course to be able to respond to each person.

For those who have difficulty sitting on the floor, there are enough chairs available.