MBSR individual mindfulness coaching

In addition to the MBSR courses, it is also possible to attend the course  individually (in Rösrath and Cologne).
This means that we set up 8 individually coordinated weekly dates.

The content of the individual coaching is the same as in the course and is adapted to your individual situation, previous knowledge or needs. The MBSR Individual Coaching is comparable to a Mindfulness Coaching + MBSR Course.
This offer is aimed at people who, for professional or other reasons, have difficulty participating in a regular course or prefer to be coached individually and personally instead of in a group.

In a free preliminary talk, we discuss the MBSR individual coaching and everything else with each other.

The MBSR individual support can be continued after the end of the 8 weeks as mindfulness coaching.
The dates will be arranged with you.

The costs for  MBSR individual coaching:    
8 individually determined weekly appointments of 90 minutes each.
90 € per session. 720 € for the 8 week course. This includes the Mindfulness Day and preliminary talk, 3 Mp3 with guided mindfulness exercises and a workbook.
Payment in installments 360 € per month possible.

Follow-on Mindfulness Coaching  costs 60 € per one-hour session.
Mindfulness coaching sessions can only be booked after completing an MBSR course or MBSR individual coaching.

Call me on: +49 (0) 2205 - 8945412 or send me an email. We can then make an appointment for a preliminary talk together, in which we will discuss everything without obligation.

I look forward to meeting you!


Foto: Viiramo E. Lim

Foto: Viiramo E. Lim

Foto: Viiramo E. Lim