Harmony Holiday Seminars

Foto: Andrea Lachnit
Foto: Andrea Lachnit

MBSR compact

Holiday Training

The date for this holiday training is already over ... a new date will be announced as soon as it is fixed.

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Arrival day:  One day before the training starts.
Introduction and welcome from 18.00 - 19.30
at the retreat location.

Retreat location:
Mindfulness Training Tychota,
Zum Sandfeld 2 b, 51503 Rösrath


Retreat cost:

460,00 € including several Mp3 with
guided mindfulness exercises,
workbook for each module.
Meals included:
Vegetarian lunch,
Afternoon: Cake, coffee, tea
All day: Tea, water, juice

Accommodation is not included
(see accommodation suggestions below)



Refuelling with mindfulness

Who is this retreat for?

This MBSR Compact Holiday Training is open to anyone who wants to experience and learn mindfulness in a setting of nature, silence and relaxation. This Meditation Training can also be used as a refreshment to an MBSR course completed in the past.
MBSR Compact is also aimed at those who are unable to participate in an 8 week MBSR course.
No prerequisites are necessary. The number of participants is limited to 8 persons.

What's it all about?

In the MBSR Compact Holiday Training, the same content is taught as in an MBSR 8-week course and at the same time is deepened through mindful walks, e.g. in nature.
This intensive form of the compact course makes it possible to learn and understand mindfulness at close quarters.
It is an opportunity to return to your own silence, linger in it and escape from everyday life, which is often perceived as stressful, for a while in order to experience something new, to make a new start. During the Retreat there are phases of silence.

Offers in leisure time

  •     A mindful hike together into the surroundings of the Bergisches Land with a campfire after returning to the Retreat
  •     A film evening.
  •     A fun get-together.
  •     Own walks in the adjoining Königsforst, along the river Sülz or "On the hill" with a view of the Rhine valley.
  •     Opportunities to be creative in the garden studio are optional.

(In the garden studio you will find various brushes and buckets, water cups, studio tables and chairs.
You must bring your own painting materials, such as watercolours, watercolour pencils, crayons, etc.
Please note - there will be no instruction!)

Can I drive home every day during the MBSR Compact Holiday Training if I live nearby?

Yes, that's possible, of course. All leisure activities are still at your disposal.

What does the MBSR Compact Holiday Training look like?

Below you can print out the time schedule. The schedule may be changed by the course instructor if necessary.

schedule of the MBSR Compact Holiday Training to print out
Schedule of the MBSR Compact Holiday Tra
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 26.6 KB


Arrival day on Sunday, 9 June 2019. We meet at 18.00 - 19.30 in the seminar room to get to know each other and discuss everything practical.

On the following 5 days the MBSR Compact Holiday Training will take place from 9.30 - 17.30  with a 2 hour lunchbreak.
On the 6th day from 9.30 - 14.00.

Evenings are free but can also be spent relaxing together or participating in organized leisure activities.

On one afternoon we meet for a mindful hike followed by a campfire and on one evening for a film experience. Every evening until 21.00  the garden studio is available for painting.

The Seminar Location

The ACHTSAMKEITRTRAINING TYCHOTA is situated in the rural setting of the Bergische Land not far (18 km) from Cologne.
Surrounded by rolling hills and pastures, peaceful forests, the romantic river Sülz, the sound of birdsong and natural life, this place offers everything you need for an inner experience.
Nearby there are hiking possibilities to experience the essence of nature in mindfulness, which we would like you to discover in our MBSR Compact Holiday Training.
But you will also find idyllic restaurants not far from our seminar location.
Not to forget the garden studio, which is free to use until 9 p.m. in the evening.
If you want time to be alone there is, of course, no obligation to join in social activities.

Accommodation nearby

The special B&B HÜLA is located right nextdoor. In a lovingly landscaped garden with a natural swimming pond, you have the opportunity to spoil yourself with a break in nature and a friendly hostess.

Please contact B&B HÜLA to book the guest room with private bathroom or the converted garden house with bathroom, with or without breakfast during the MBSR Compact Holiday Training (special rates apply. English and German spoken):




An idyllic half-timbered house - sleeps 4-6 persons

A solution for the smaller purse. An idyllic, listed and lovingly renovated half-timbered house in the neighbouring village. Please contact the host.



Further accommodation possibilities

Air B&B

Please note that my offers do not replace medical treatment, but serve for stress management and health prevention.

I look forward to exploring mindfulness with you !

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