stress reduction through mindfulness

What is Stress Reduction through mindfulness?

Foto: Verena N. /
Foto: Verena N. /

The present time demands a lot from us and will probably make even greater demands on us.

In the last two decades, meditations for people of today have been designed, leading us step by step through relaxation to mindfulness. They teach us how to deal with stress and face the demands of professional or everyday life with composure.

This is what we call Stress Reduction through Mindfulness.

what are the Benefits of Mindfulness?

  •     not to be driven by external circumstances
  •     stress relief (stress management)
  •     to be able to make decisions with calmness and clarity
  •     to find joy
  •     to enjoy life
  •     to adopt a loving and relaxed attitude
  •     to develop self-confidence

Please note that my offers do not replace medical treatment, but serve for stress management and health support.